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At Grumpy’s Organic Farm we work to create an environment that closely mimics nature’s optimal conditions to produce clean medical cannabis products with every harvest cycle.

The Freshest.

Grumpy’s Organic Farm is one of the few grow facilities in Maine to receive MOFGA’s Clean Cannabis Certification. This third party certification relies on USDA organic standards and applies them to cannabis cultivation using sustainable, natural and organically based practices. The Clean Cannabis Program, established in 2018 in Maine, emphasizes compliance, inspection of seed-to-harvest practices and testing for pesticides and contaminants. The annual certification validates Grumpy’s commitment to cultivating clean cannabis. Grumpy’s continues to be a leader in organic best practice since opening in 2015.


Organic methods and products you can trust.

Fresh & Healthy

Essential nutrients and plant-based amendments.

100% Organic

No factory farm animal by-products, no synthetics.

Living Soil

Providing plants with ideal root conditions and a direct connection with the earth.

Heated Propagation

Ensuring our clones always start of strong and are provided the perfect climate controlled environment from seed to harvest.

Organic Pest Control

IPM approaches pest control with techniques of prevention, reduction and the elimination of conditions that lead to pest infestations.