About Us

Grumpy’s Organic Farm takes pride in growing the highest quality, cleanest cannabis in Maine and providing exemplary customer service. Our expert staff is educated on all strains we cultivate along with their therapeutic and mood-enhancing properties.

Our Story

Grumpy’s Organic Farm is a local Maine business focused on providing our community with high quality, locally grown, organic cannabis and value-added products. We continually work to reduce our environmental footprint and develop systems that produce as little waste as possible. We strive to be a role-model in the industry for green infrastructure and growing practices without the use of pesticides, man-made nutrients, or animal-based fertilizers.

Our products set the bar for quality, taste, and medicinal value. We believe that through compassion for all living beings and dedication to plant medicine, we can make a genuine, positive impact on the world around us.

Our Mission

Led by our love for Mother Earth, our mission is to inspire and promote environmentally sustainable growing practices through minimizing waste, engaging our community, and producing the highest quality, organic, sungrown cannabis.

We strive to inspire a new, high standard for environmentally sustainable growing practices. Produce the cleanest, highest-quality, organic, sun-grown, cruelty free cannabis and to provide our community with accessible natural medicine and educational opportunities.


Our Mission